Vision of Storytelling

At Shoestring we love to tell stories.
It is our passion to bring ideas to life. We are highly skilled artisans, with an aptitude for visual imagery and individuality in video production. Our team consists of highly innovative and compelling visual storytellers with a background in film-making. Our originality and ingenious vision are evident in every single video we create.

We are meticulous throughout the process because we know that we are creating something on your behalf. Everything we do throughout the creative process is to ensure that you have the highest quality video. That’s why we only shoot in HD. From our branded video content to television commercials or corporate videos we know the right way to tell your story. Our goal is produce a video that will showcase who you are and what you do. Give us the opportunity to create the spotlight your Brand deserves.

Video Production

Shoestring Production Company understands that your brand and your image are essential to who you are as a company. We pride ourselves and take great pleasure in helping to turn your visions into reality. Imagery is the magic in video production; from real life interviews, to live music, to the world of animation let your message be heard. Visual imagery is what makes your message individualized and sets you apart from others in your given industry.

The beauty of video production is that the options are limitless. If you can visualize the message or simply dream the idea we can help you turn it into an exceptional video. Our team has an unparalleled level of experience and sophistication to meet any of your needs. Take a look at our portfolio of video. The work simply speaks for itself.

Grow Your Business

We started with the vision to help small businesses grow. Whether the video is about a new venture, a social issue non-profit, a corporation or an individual, Shoestring allows your message to be shot in Full HD and on a shoestring budget! We help our clients successfully engage their audience and communicate “their” story. We work with everyone; non-profits, start-ups, corporations, advertisers, on-line magazines, educators, PR firms, and even other production companies. The staff at Shoestringis professionally trained with state of the art technology and thus giving its creations a film maker’s touch. Shoestring Production Company works exclusively in Full HD and focuses on using the power of video to deliver a strong return on investment.


Take a look at our videos on our video portfolio page and imagine your brand being there. The entire staff at Shoestring knows that making any marketing decision isn’t easy. That’s why we work diligently with you to cut costs and save time. If you have any questions or you want to shoot a video, send us a message on our Contact Us page. We will get back to you within hours!

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Rick Yaverbaum, Clinical Social Work Therapist, MSW, LCSW – Promotional Video

Shoestring Production Company created this promotional video for Clinical Social Work Therapist, Rick Yaverbaum, MSW, LCSW. The goal was to create an video for Rick's website that was informative, modern and showcase Rick's personality and expertise.

Camp Happy Times

Shoestring Production Company traveled to Tyler Hill, PA to create a promotional video for Camp Happy Times. The production day consisted of 20 interviews of camp counselors, administrators and campers along with our camera operators gathering b-roll of the camp activities and events.

Baltusrol Golf Club – Video Series

Shoestring Production Company created a series of videos for Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ. The series follows Golf Pro Ryan Fountaine across the championship golf course as he explains the rules of golf at Baltusrol. The on-location shoot utilized wireless lavs and a field recorder to record audio.

Go!Foton Promotional Video


Shoestring Production Company created a promotional video for Go!Foton.