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Social Media Marketing in New Jersey

The digital marketing game has changed and it has a new player: Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and more present companies and organizations with an unparalleled opportunity to truly connect with consumers. Unlike traditional marketing methods, social media marketing pulls consumers in and revolutionizes the way in which they interact with brands. At Shoestring, we believe in creating intention and interaction in all our clients’ social media marketing strategies.

Reaping the benefits of social media marketing is much more than putting together a Facebook page. A strategic approach can have a direct impact on ROI. Through focused social media marketing plans, content creation, and social media campaigns on multiple platforms, our clients watch their fans and online businesses grow. Whether you need management of your entire social media presence or staff training and consultation, Shoestring is your solution to better brand engagement.

Interactive Campaigns

Shoestring specializes in creating interactive campaigns that create a digital experience for your audience. With a combination of creative, technology, content and strategy we create interactive campaigns custom to your brand message that connect with your demographic on multiple platforms. Using coordinated messaging across several media channels and mediums, we transform your brand into an experience.

Interactive campaigns provide entertainment, brand messaging and awareness while fostering brand loyalty and growing your audience. These campaigns are great way to launch new products, promote an events, acquire new customers and more. With a unique understanding of your target audience, Shoestring creates interactive campaigns that engage.


• Custom social media marketing plans
• Branded content creation for social platforms
• Social media training and consulting
• Social platform reporting, analytics and insight
• In-house creative, technology and strategy experts
• Custom branded interactive campaigns
• Campaign development, management and reporting

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