Project Description

Shoestring Production Company proudly announces the launch of the NES Company website. The first step in the marketing process was to redesign their website to be responsive, accurately reflect their brand and to be more friendly to search engines. The NES Company website has a robust product finder and catalog.

View the website at: NESCOMPANY.COM

NES Company Inc is located in Fairfield, NJ and offers new liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressors, spare parts, and accessories which are drop-in replacements of Nash, Somorakis, Vooner, Flowserve, Traiviani, and other manufacturers. Our Comprehensive list of pumps runs from 5 CFM up to 42,000 CFM. Our Team of Fabricators and engineers can also build once-through, partial recirculation, and full sealant recovery systems for your rough vacuum needs. Our long list of support accessories includes inlet/outlet separators, manifolds, belt guards, mechanical seals, repair kits, bearings, and many more. So if you want a comprehensive solution for your vacuum pumps and compressors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.