Project Description

Shoestring Production Company produced a series of instructional videos for the Speed Soccer System. The videos were used on their website, also designed by Shoestring, through a membership portal. The Speed Soccer System website has three levels of subscription and houses different elements like eBooks and articles that are only available to members. Shoestring also provides SEO services.

“In line with the vision of US Soccer, the Speed Soccer System aims to create more technically proficient soccer players. The system, born of two Scottish Football Association, USSF and NSCAA qualified coaches, is designed to be developmentally appropriate for beginner players and coaches all the way to the top level.

Our unique one set-up system allows even the busiest of coaches to deliver a well thought out, highly productive session regardless of coaches or playing experience.

Every time the US National team loses, the experts talk about our lack of technical proficiency. The only way to improve this is to raise the overall playing standard from the recreational players all the way up to the USDA. We believe that the Speed Soccer System allows coaches to help their players improve their technical fluency by providing a fun, soccer specific, repetitious training system.

Repetitions give players multiple opportunities in a short space of time to work on master precise skills needed to be successful on the soccer pitch. High intensity exercises afford players the experience of developing skills in pressure situations which transfer more easily from practices to games.”