Pinpoint Analytics – Trade Show Video

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The Pinpoint Analytics 3 location shoot with Canon R6 and LiteMat and iKan lighting. Auto captions were generated through Premiere Pro. The company video or corporate video style is used at trade shows, website, and social media.

Integrative Behavioral Care

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Shoestring Production Company proudly announces the launch of the Integrative Behavioral Care website. The branding process begins with logo design and then the design of a new website to be responsive, accurately reflect their brand and to be more friendly to search engines. Integrative Behavioral Care, in Summit, NJ, will soon begin a social media and marketing campaign.

Zeta Wolf Fitness


Tasked with creating an interactive website for Zeta Wolf Fitness in North Carolina, Shoestring launched ZETAWOLFFITNESS.COM. The website has a list of the gym's classes for the week, their services and prices, a BMI calculator, nutrition recipes and tips, and a portal for clients to pay for services online.

Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning

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Shoestring launched OXYMAGICUSA.COM, a carpet cleaning company that has over 80 franchises across the United States. The website has a directory for all franchise locations to use as a personal webpage for search engines and as a landing page.

NJ Auto Retailers Unite Campaign Video

Shoestring Production Company was hired to produce a :30 commercial and record a press conference for television, internet and movie theaters for NJ Auto Retailers Unite and The Valerie Fund. The campaign video, featuring Frankie Valli, was filmed at Ray Catena Mercedes.

Stony Brook Millstone Watershed – Campaign for Open Space Video


Shoestring Production Company produced The Open Space video campaign for Stony Brook Millstone Watershed in 2014. The video was created to convince voters in the upcoming election to vote NO against the state of New Jersey for wanted to develop the vast and beautiful land.

The Crispery

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Shoestring Production Company has provided The Crispery, an online shop/ecommerce website that sells gourmet rice cripsy treats, with digital marketing, social media and SEO services.

MCRC Physical Therapy

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Since 2011, Shoestring Production Company has provided MCRC Physical Therapy, and their 5 locations in North Jersey, with the Full Service Media & Marketing package and IT Support.

Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment Commercial

Shoestring Production Company produced this :30 commercial for television and internet advertising. Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment is book written by John Gallucci Jr., the Medical Coordinator for Major League Soccer.


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Shoestring Production Company has provided Gastrocure, a gastroenterology office in West Orange, NJ, with full service media and marketing since 2014.

Integrative Medicine of New Jersey

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Shoestring was brought in to Dr. Rimma Sherman’s office to transform the general medicine practice into an integrative brand that treats conditions naturally.

T.P.R. Agency

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Shoestring Production Company is proud to announce the launch of T.P.R. Agency website! The goal of the website is to assist Joan Brady, Owner/Certified Nurse Assistant, to attract new clients and staff in the Pennsylvania/Lehigh Valley area.

Palermo’s Bakery

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Shoestring Production Company provides Palermo’s Bakery with Internet Marketing, Web Design and Strategic Consulting.